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Welcome Messages

Hon. Matia Kasaija

Minister of Finance, Planning & Economic Development (MoFPED)

As the Programs Political leader, it is with great pleasure that I present to our stakeholders and the general public the PSD/DPI Programme Secretariat. In regard to the National Development Plan (NDPIII), there was a need to increase competitiveness of the private sector to drive sustainable inclusive growth by the Private Sector Development Program (PSD) and to enhance the effective implementation of the plan (NDP III) by the Development Plan Implementation Program (DPI).

It was thus our intention to give priority to strengthening capacity for oversight, monitoring, reporting and coordination hence the formation of the PSD/DPI Programs Secretariat.

Under the leadership of the Ministry of Finance Planning & Economic Development, the Secretariat brings together over 40 MDAs, CSOs, Local Governments and Development Partner Institutions to deliver on its goals, objectives and interventions. These make every effort to contribute to the implementation of all the programs activities during each financial year.


Mr. Ramathan Ggoobi

Permanent Secretary / Secretary to the Treasury

I am grateful to the Hon. Minister, Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development for his Political Stewardship over the PSD/DPI Programme Secretariat since its inception. 

As the chairperson of Secretariat Program Working Groups, the highest Technical organ, I am grateful to all the PSD/DPI Secretariat Programs Institutions that participate in its activities to ensure that we deliver on our goals and objectives.

I wish to thank our partners in a special way for all the support (financial, technical and in many other ways.) accorded to the Private Sector Development Program and Development Plan Implementation programs.

I am looking forward to us achieving even better with your continued cooperation.